$ 95.00

CBD with Stabilized Aloe!

  • 60 Servings, 120 caps
  • Over 72 trace minerals
  • Maybe the world's best
    health supplement ever!


1. Stabilized Aloe Concentrate. Far more powerful than regular aloe because of a special process that retains acemannan, the natural health factor in fresh aloe. Acemannan is a powerful antioxidant, an immune system modulator (up or down as needed), and a key nutrient for memory and over-all brain health. Experts in Glycobiology believe acemannan to be the greatest health discovery in history – the key to a long, healthy life.

2. Full-spectrum CBD. Using a proprietary CO2 process, we retain all the natural terpenes and co-factors you come to expect, including .01% THC. The stabilized aloe greatly enhances the effectiveness of the CBD, like getting 5 times the amount, 5 times the benefits. No other product today can match CBD + 3 for over-all health, especially brain health.

3. Fulvic acid complex. Over 72 trace minerals and their fulvic acids are extracted from ancient plant deposits called humic shale. Unlike other minerals, these trace minerals are easily absorbed because the plant “pre-digested” them into very small ionic size. Chickens fed these minerals produce twice as many eggs, and cows give 30% more milk. Due to depleted soils, everyone can benefit from these minerals.

4. MSM.Called the “miracle” supplement because of its many benefits, this natural sulfur helps promote healthy joints, hair, skin and nails. You’ll look and feel years younger!