Neuro Nutrimens - Aloe Polymannose Multi-nutrient Complex Information

Provides nutritional support for maintaining healthy cognitive, immune and GI Tract function*

In January 2013 a year-long  University  of Miami study measured the effects of an Aloe Polymannose* Multinutrient Complex  on cognitive and immune function in moderate to severe Alzheimer's patients.

The study  (please  see references) used four (4) teaspoons of an Aloe Polymannose Multinutrient Complex powder  (~10 grams  per day) that indicated that supplementation with micro­nutrients, not commonly consumed in the average  diet, may improve our quality  of life as we age.


The daily amount of 10 grams of the Aloe Polymannose Multinutrient Complex was reformulated to 1 gram split into two (2) half gram  capsules that deliver approximately the same amount of Aloe Polymannose* as used in the study. Suggested use for Neuro Nutrimens™ is as follows:



One or more Neuro Nutrimens capsules - One to two times per day with water.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose,treat, cure,or prevent any disease.


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