NutraGel Information


Promotes healthy younger looking skin!

  • Softer, clearer skin, less visible wrinkles! 
  • Use before and after sun tanning
  • Helps improve foot and underarm odor
  • Makes a great personal lubricant
  • Great before, during and after pregnancy to help prevent stretch marks and dry tight skin

1950’s: After seeing the horrible radiation burns caused by the atomic bombs, American scientists began testing various substances to heal these wounds. They found that fresh aloe worked very well, but it had to be fresh as gel kept in storage did not work. Since there was no way to keep it fresh, the discovery was forgotten.

Today: Scientists discovered that a substance called “acemannan” is in fresh aloe, but quickly disappears after picking the plant. A process to preserve the acemannan was patented and now everyone can enjoy “fresh” aloe anytime!

See for yourself! 

Smoother skin after only 5 months of applying the gel twice daily.


        Natural NutraGel is great for fair-skinned people! 



 Not a sunblock, so you get all the healthy benefits of the sun without 

the harmful chemicals found in sunscreens.


Soothe & Smooth Skin During Pregnancy 

 Use on skin before, during and after pregnancy anywhere the skin is needs soothing moisture...chest, abdomen, hips and legs. Helps to prevent stretch marks and dry skin and keep skin soft.


“Stabilized” Aloe is the Difference

When the leaf is cut, the plant releases an enzyme that destroys the healing factors in aloe. We stabilize the aloe by removing the destructive enzyme.

We concentrate the stabilized aloe, then add penetrating emu oil and MSM for the world’s best skin care – at any price!

Emu Oil

Emu Oil is a transdermal oil that carries soothing aloe and MSM deep into your skin. As an animal based oil (not plant based), it more closely resembles your own natural skin, making it the ideal moisturizer.

It’s very expensive and this is why you seldom see it in cosmetics or lotions, yet we put an ounce in every tube!


MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is naturally occurring sulfur. Often called the “Miracle Mineral” because it’s good for so many conditions. When applied topically, it softens the skin for less visible wrinkles. MSM is great for sun damage, blemishes and other age-related skin conditions.